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Waste disposal at an all time high

Today's news headlines are never far away from environmental topics. Likewise, conservation and recycling now sit at the top of the Government’s agenda.

At the heart of this manufactured uproar, however, is a serious issue. Food waste. It is food waste that can create bad smells in our bins. It is food waste that can attract vermin. It is food waste that generates environmental and public health concerns.

But what can the public do to help tackle this enormous, yet still growing, problem? One way is for every household to consider its waste disposal options and increase its waste recycling efforts, including food waste recycling. Whilst councils and municipalities are raising waste recycling awareness and facilities, household food waste recycling, more often than not, remains a personal initiative.

Why is food waste recycling important?

In the average UK household, up to 30% of household waste disposal comprises of food waste.

WRAP's research indicates that households dispose of nearly 8.3 million tonnes of food every year – most of it edible – or one third of the food purchased each year. Food waste recycling, therefore, makes sense. It is a satisfying way of producing your very own gold quality compost and mulch as well as making a sizeable reduction to the waste collected from your home, helping reduce the burden on landfill. Household food waste recycling also provides empowers homeowners to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Smart and easy waste management

There are two basic non-landfill approaches for dealing with food waste: firstly collection and treatment at centralised facilities and secondly household treatment using Food Waste Digesters(3). Green Cone Limited has been providing these food waste management solutions for over fifteen years. A food waste digester is an environmentally friendly and low-cost solution for disposing of food waste, and has been specifically designed for use within a homeowner's garden. This discreet, simple to use recycling method is designed to drastically reduce the overall amount of food waste collected from our homes. This innovative food waste management solution will instead cleverly turn leftover and unwanted food into rich compost.

An end to food waste collection

By using an environmentally friendly food waste digester you will contribute to a cleaner more green future. These clever units accept all types of food including raw and cooked meat, fish and bones. All types of food waste is simply deposited into the digester, making your food waste disposal routine hygienic and convenient. Using a food waste digester is an affordable food waste management solution that reduces the amount of food waste collected from your home. It’s also the first step to reducing your carbon footprint.

Less waste to landfill Reduce greenhouse gasses Less transport and pollution Improved carbon footprint A healthier future
Less waste to landfill Reduce greenhouse gasses Less transport and pollution Improved carbon footprint A healthier future