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Food waste digesters – the future of recycling!

As anyone who has witnessed the to-ing and fro-ing of industrial vehicles at an in-vessel composting plant, or heard the recycling truck arriving to pick up food waste will not be surprised to learn, the centralised treatment of food waste management generate high carbon dioxide emissions, from transporting and subsequently processing the waste. (1)There is however only an environmentally friendly, affordable method of collection food waste.

Today, food waste digesters are becoming more and more popular, and for good reasons. Food waste digesters provide an economical way to help significantly reduce your leftover household food waste. And if you use a Green Johanna as your preferred method of disposing of your household food waste, you will also benefit from wonderful, rich compost. Environmentally conscious waste disposal solutions don’t come better than this. Food waste digesters are also easy to maintain. To reduce your household food waste collection, you will need to understand how to select the best food waste digester for your use. The following is designed to help you make an informed choice.

Which food waste digester?

Food waste digesters are remarkable yet straightforward solutions for treating household food waste at home, thereby helping reduce the need for food waste collection. There are two types of food waste digesters the Green Cone and the Green Johanna. Both are designed to cater for the average household's food waste disposal and both are easy and straightforward to use. Even act children can be shown, quickly and easily how to use them.

The Green Cone

The Green Cone needs a small, sunny spot, outside, where it can harness solar energy and warmth – essential for the decomposing process. Green Cone's patented food waste digester comprises a four-part injection molded unit featuring a lower basket installed below ground, forming the base for an upper assembly consisting of a black inner cone and a green outer lidded plastic cone(2). This forms the basis for an effective, insulating food waste digester. It accepts ALL waste food including fish, bones and cooked or uncooked meat.

The Green Johanna

The Green Johanna uses a sealed unit for decomposing waste food that generates warmth, which is essential for micro organisms to break down the waste. The Green Johanna is also known as a 'hot' composter and which requires a shady position in the garden, out of direct sunlight. As such, it is also dependant on good circulation and therefore requires a mixture of two parts waste food to one part dry garden waste. The Green Johanna is made of a hard wearing plastic, designed to endure the outdoor elements for years to come.

Less waste to landfill Reduce greenhouse gasses Less transport and pollution Improved carbon footprint A healthier future
Less waste to landfill Reduce greenhouse gasses Less transport and pollution Improved carbon footprint A healthier future