Food Waste Digesters by Green Cone - Food waste recycling

The most effective method for food waste recycling

For the most convenient and environmentally-friendly food waste recycling method why not consider a food waste digester? If you want to reduce the amount of waste collected from your home you can use a food waste digester to help you do this. Food waste digesters are clean, discreet units that can be safely installed in your garden. They have the added benefit of eventually producing your very own compost, rich in nutrients and ready to be mulched into the vegetable plot or flower beds. Food waste recycling makes so much sense and opting for a food waste digester is an affordable waste management method.

What is a food waste digester?

Food waste digesters fall into two categories, the Green Cone and the Green Johanna. These food waste digesters are effective food waste disposal units. The Green Cone reduces all food waste to its natural components of water and carbon dioxide and a small amount of nutrient rich run off. The Green Cone requires a sunny spot in the garden, whilst Green Johanna requires a shady area in the garden, out of direct sunlight. The Green Johanna is the result of Swedish technology and is known as a 'hot' composter. It relies on a mixture of two parts cooked or uncooked food waste (including meat, bones, fish, dairy products, fruit and vegetables) and one part garden waste and produces a nutrient rich compost for use in the garden Both food waste digesters provide effective food waste recycling methods, for use within the confines of a homeowner's garden.

Waste management at its greenest

In the average Western home food makes up to 30% of the waste collected. Reducing the food waste disposed of is still one of the challenges facing our society. Using a food waste digester provides an affordable, efficient method of waste recycling. Waste disposal doesn't have to be complicated, the Green Cone and the Green Johanna tackle the issue of food waste management from the confines of a garden or small outdoor area. A Green Cone is embedded in the soil, allowing free ingress and egress of worms, insects and micro organisms, and allowing the nutrient rich run-off enrich the soil. Basing the cone in soil means that bacterial digestion occurs below ground level, reducing the odours associated with food waste(2).These food waste recycling units have undergone ongoing testing over a period of 15 years in order to ensure their reliability and effectiveness. They can be easily assembled and installed and will blend into any background.

A clean form of waste food disposal

There are many advantages to utilising food waste digesters as a means of food waste disposal. No more rotting food around and about your home and no more smelly wheelie bins. Food waste digesters prevent the soiling of other waste materials in your bin. This helps keep other biodegradable materials clean for sorting and recycling. Food waste digesters help divert food waste from our rapidly depleting landfill sites.

Less waste to landfill Reduce greenhouse gasses Less transport and pollution Improved carbon footprint A healthier future
Less waste to landfill Reduce greenhouse gasses Less transport and pollution Improved carbon footprint A healthier future